An affinity for the traditional art forms of her country, India,

coupled with a desire for exploring contemporary global themes and

modern mediums informs the work of Barnali Bagchi.

Her style centres on the creative use of lines, curls and curves,

developed around wide ranging themes.

A feature of her art is the use and modern interpretation

of the signature styles and rich motifs of Indian art,

mainly from the “Alpona” form of her native Bengal.

A traditional fine artist by training,

Barnali is self-taught in the field of digital art,

where she puts her training to good use even

in the non-traditional themes she takes up.

Born in a small town in India called Jamshedpur

into a family rich in artistic gifts,

Barnali feels lucky to have inherited a passion for creativity.

She gave up a career with Indian IT giant Infosys

to pursue her talent for art and now calls Dubai home

along with her journalist husband.

Barnali Bagchi is also known as Moonbeam1212 in the digital world.